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Rediscovering Catholicism: How Social Media Can Help

Knowing the large number of Catholic blogs and apologists on social media sites and forums, I am not the first to discover the importance of the internet as the new tool for evangelization.  I can though, give a first hand … Continue reading

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Chastity and Fairytale Endings

I was blessed my first year teaching with an amazing group of gr. 9 girls in my religion class. They were enthusiastic, and loved asking all kinds of questions. Some questions perhaps just to see my face go red. Yay … Continue reading

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My Imaginary Friend

Today, while out sightseeing with my aunts and a relative from Italy, we passed a sign in front of a coffee house with the following slogan.  “Wars about religion are like two people fighting over whose imaginary friend is better.” … Continue reading

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Summer Job

For ten months out of the year, I keep myself busy during the day in the classroom teaching Social Studies Religion, Physical Education and English. In the afternoons I’m on the volleyball, basketball and tennis courts coaching.  In the evenings … Continue reading

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We Are Called to be Saints

Growing up I was always fascinated with the lives of the Saints.  They were courageous, selfless and all let interesting lives.  Flash forward a few years later when I hit my teens and gradually fell away from the Saints.  Why? … Continue reading

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Teaching Controversial Issues

The dreaded controversial issue.  In many peoples opinions, any topic that falls under this category is off conversational limits, both in polite society and at work and to some extent even schools.  People don’t want to risk offending anyone, which … Continue reading

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I love old things…

The other night I tagged along with my husband, to go see my uncle at his wood working shop, to discuss a coffee table he would be building. I hadn’t been in there for a long time and was immediately … Continue reading

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