Chastity and Fairytale Endings

I was blessed my first year teaching with an amazing group of gr. 9 girls in my religion class. They were enthusiastic, and loved asking all kinds of questions. Some questions perhaps just to see my face go red. Yay me! We did all kinds of group projects through out the year, but the best one was their final project.  I gave them very little criteria other then make a video talking about Chastity.  The videos they presented were not only amazing media savvy wise, but they all had  unique ways of getting the message across that maybe chastity isn’t so bad after all.

While they all had unique videos their endings were always the same.  At the end the characters, no matter their journey,  all ended with a marriage ceremony and a “happily ever after”. It was astonishing to see their positive and idealistic outlook on the whole dating/marriage thing.  It was refreshing for their 25 year old teacher, who is surrounded by women who have given up on that ideal.  They have either given up on love all together, or have settled for someone because they believe that is the best they are ever going to do.

It made me wonder what happens to girls from their teen years to their mid twenties/thirties to make their outlook in life change? Is it being scorned by love one too many times? Lack of eligible bachelors around? Too high expectations? Career first, relationship second?

From 18-22 I saw many of my closest friends severely hurt in relationships; cheated on, friends with benefits, physically and verbally abused etc. Now, into my mid twenties and some of these friends have leaned some things and appear to be well on their way to wedded bliss, while others still seem to be swimming the murky waters.  It saddens me a lot to see my friends and family members hurt by love.  It especially saddens me to see their personalities so visibly altered, because of a bad relationship. But, the worst is when you can see how damaging a relationship is for them, but are powerless to stop it.

I know that many think Disney and Jane Austen give girls unrealistic expectations on love, but it is possible to have that ideal, it is possible to find your Mr. Darcy and have a successful and happy marriage.  At least, in my opinion, practicing the virtue of chastity offers you the best chance of finding it.

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5 Responses to Chastity and Fairytale Endings

  1. Rae says:

    I agree with you completely. And even if you do not end up blessed with a great marriage, it hardly seems like an improvement to suffer all of the consequences of not being chaste in addition to the sadness of involuntary singleness!


  2. Amen girl.
    Enjoyed your blog. I will pray for you to not loose Hope in LOVE!
    God bless.


  3. …to never loose Hope in love***


  4. sarah says:

    Being single for prolonged periods of time is hard. 😦 Speaking as one who dated… and dated… trying to find Mr. Right…it’s a huge challenge. I think culturally, young people are often not prepared to recognize or live out married love until closer to 30, and it leads to a lot of confusion. So your students are really benefiting from your involvement! And I am sorry you’re having to watch some loved ones go through this, but thankfully, God still can work with these imperfect situations. 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment Sarah! It does seem like it is taking people longer and longer to figure out how relationships work (there are always exceptions of course), but it’s interesting that by high school they are so very mature about the physical side of relationships. Culturally it would seem we have it backwards.


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