ProLife and Silent No More

I have always been prolife, but other than participating in my parish’s annual prolife chain I have done little else to help the cause of the unborn.  But, after this year of teaching in a Catholic high school and having the “abortion” issue come up a number of times, I realized that I needed to be better informed about prolife issues.

It’s really pretty sad here in Canada, where the abortion topic rarely gets talked about. Especially if you pay attention to American politics, where abortion gets media attention and where you have candidates voicing which side they are on. But no, in Canada there is barely anything, and even though we have a Conservative Prime Minister he has said he will not open the abortion debate.  This makes it difficult as a teacher to find information, for students, so they really know what is going on.  But over the course of this year, I have been paying attention more to pro-life issues, I have tried to actively research what is going on here in Canada, and here is what I have found so far that prior to this year I was not aware of.

  • Canada is one of only a few nations that does not have any federal restrictions for abortion (on-demand, no time limit)
  • The records from Stats Canada on the number of abortions that occur each year, are often inaccurate, or missing information all together. In BC officials won’t even release abortion stats because they don’t believe it is in the public’s best interest to know.
  • That although Canada has laws for IVF limiting the number of embryos placed in a woman, in a lot of cases an abortion still takes place somewhere along the line. I learned this from my cousin who is a nurse in maternity
  • Many pro-life clubs in Canada have trouble or an outright ban on university campuses.  The University of Victoria in my own province, and one in Ontario have been in the news in recent years.  (I learned about this from an American news source, go figure).
  • The poor poor media attention of pro-life rallys.  For instance the March for Life in our nations capital had people estimating 15,000- 18,000 people, but the CBC (our publically funded news channel) only reported 5000. You could clearly see from the videos posted however, that there were way more than 5000 people.
  • An article posted online from the National Post “When are Twins Too Many” (which I also learned about from an American facebook status update) was about a woman in Ontario who was expecting twins, but because of her busy career she didn’t feel she could handle both children so she aborted one of them.
  • For Canada day, a few years back, the CBC had a facebook contest called “Canada’s Greatest Wish”. People would go and make a wish or vote for a wish already made.  It turned out to be a race between make abortion illegal in Canada and keep it legal.  Eventually the pro-life side won, but the media attention promised for the winner? It aired at 6am on a weekend.  Is it politically incorrect to debate the issue of abortion in Canada?? I don’t get it.
  • On a positive note the Canadian government did take away funding for abortion in foreign countries. This is a positive step in the right direction for sure.
This past year has made me realize how apathetic many Canadians are about abortion.  I would be really curious to see and hear where Canadians really stand on abortion. If Justin Bieber is any indication of where Canadian youth stand on the issue, I would argue that the youth will be pro-life’s greatest ally.   They just need to be encouraged to not keep their heads in the sand, really understand the issue, educate themselves and take a stand.
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2 Responses to ProLife and Silent No More

  1. Great post today! I really enjoyed reading it.


  2. eccosubito says:

    Hi, It is a very interesting post. The number of abortions taking place around the world today is horrific. I suppose, living in Ireland, we feel insulated in some way, but if the European Union get their way, abortion would be forced upon us. We have been fighting hard over the years and our greatest weapon is prayer and fasting. We live in hope that God will protect us. God bless you.


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