Oldest Institution

All this talk about the global economic crisis has got a lot of people feeling pretty down.  Although I feel relatively safe here in Canada, I can’t help but sympathize with my global neighbours.  These types of current events: riots, debt, bankruptcy, unemployment, etc have a lot of people asking, are we witnessing the collapse of Western Civilization? Being a history/geography major I, of course, had to study the rise and fall of great civilizations of the world. While I don’t personally think anyone is on the verge of collapse.  All this talk about catastrophe has me thinking, about the oldest institution in the world, the Catholic Church and how truly amazing it is not only still here, but going strong.

The Catholic Church, like many people know, has been around for nearly 2000 years, ever since Pentecost. It has lived through the collapse of empires, dark ages, civil wars, world wars, corruption, reformations and revolutions. This for me is probably the biggest tell tale sign that this institution has special graces, that something different is going on here,  that God really wasn’t kidding when he said “Upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” Matt 16: 18.

So in times of uncertainty I can rest assured knowing that in the end my greatest comfort, the Church, will always be yesterday, today, and forever.

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