I have been reading the new YouCat that has come out recently.  For those unfamiliar, it’s the new youth catechism of the Catholic Church and is a great format for helping young people learn the faith.  Pope Benedict XVI writes a great forward in the beginning and I especially liked when he said,

“Many people say to me: The youth of today are not interested in this.  I disagree, and I am certain that I am right.  The youth of today are not as superficial as some think.  They want to know what life is really all about.  A detective story is exciting because it draws us into the destiny of other men, a destiny that could be ours.  This book is exciting because it speaks of our own destiny and so deeply engages every one of us”.

I totally agree with the Holy Father on this (not that I’ve ever actually found myself disagreeing with him anywhere, come to think of it!) The youth are interested in the faith. They are naturally curious and want to know why they are here and what the purpose of life is.

The YouCat is engaging, easy to read and straightforward. It cuts straight to the point with related quotes and definitions in the margins to help clarify.  While it is not the entire Catechism, it’s a great introduction and something kids and even adults will pick up and read.  I’ll admit that I still haven’t figured out how to find something in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and now with it online I just search what I’m looking for and it comes up.  But, the YouCat is a step by step guide to the Faith that starts out with why we believe, to why we believe in Scripture and Tradition, Sacraments and then the 10 commandments.  Like the Pope says, it’s really like you are reading a detective story and you are uncovering the truth of our existence.

Looking forward to using the YouCat in the classroom this September 🙂

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