Man & Woman, He Created Them

Theology of the Body: Class #1

I enter the class and immediately get a  bunch of articles and  TOTB summaries, as well as a 40 page copy of the power point slides.  Here I’m thinking that this power point booklet is for the entire course….nope, that is just the first class. I’m only on week one and I am already behind on readings.  Yup, this is definitely not going to be easy!

The first thing we did, before diving head first into the curriculum, was study this famous piece (above) by Michelangelo.  Here we have God reaching out to Adam or mankind, and Adam reaches back but, Adam’s finger is not out stretched, and it falls short of touching God’s finger.  This symbolizes how God desires to be intimately connected to us, but often we struggle with that final step. We reach out to God, but don’t completely reach all the way and let ourselves go. I think it’s easy to keep God at an arms length, the hardest part is just taking that final leap of faith and fully embracing God.  I admit, that I too, struggle with my own fears, that prevent me from having a deeper relationship with God, so I can strongly identify with Adam here.

Besides the actual literary work, I also learned some interesting facts about its author. I did not know, for instance, that St. Padre Pio had told, the then Karol Wojtyla, that he would be made Pope, or that he was the first non-Italian Pope in 455 years!!  Looking forward to what new information and insights the the future classes will bring.  Until then, I have about 80 pages worth of reading to do 😀

“In particular, the witness of Pope John Paul II…leaves us a Church that is more courageous, freer, younger, a Church that, according to his teaching and example, looks with serenity to the past and is not afraid of the future.”

                                                                  Pope Benedict XVI

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