Spiritual Growth

I have been doing a lot of reading on Spirituality as of late, which I have never really done a lot of.  I realized that I have the “religion” aspect of Catholicism down, but I have really lacked the “spiritual” side.

I know all the rules and regulations of Catholicism and the “why” behind them.  I have come to see how these rules are meant to ensure our happiness, in much the same way a parent gives their children rules, not to repress them but to protect them.  Once you understand them, however, they cease to be rules because you lack the desire to break them. That part I have, but I realize it is only half of what I need.

Spirituality is the next step I want to take and really grow in.

I have always shied away from spirituality, especially public displays.  I am, (which I know is bad and I’m trying to work on it) in many ways a “closeted Catholic”.  In public one would hardly guess I’m a devout Catholic, and I rarely talk about my faith, unless it is to defend something (I naturally love to debate so it’s hard for me to stay silent).  Even when saying grace at a restaurant my sign of the cross looks more like I am scratching my head. Of course teaching at a Catholic school makes things a lot easier and it’s part of my job…how many people get to go to mass on the clock. I admit I have a pretty sweet gig.

Perhaps thats why God has me working in a Catholic school, to help me gain more confidence in being more open with my faith. It has already helped me so much teaching students about Catholicism and I am grateful for that opportunity.  I eventually want to get to a point where I can pray the rosary with my aunt on a walk and not start mumbling when we pass someone.  Where I can actually discuss spirituality with my mom, instead of changing the topic when she tries to engage me.  Where I can be a leader in my faith rather than a follower.

Spiritual Exercises that I need to make a habit of:

Reading Scripture daily, Rosary (almost daily), and contemplation while on my walks. Continue to pray for courage and to really make that last leap of Faith.

I also need to find a group where I can engage and discuss things of a spiritual nature…I think that would help.




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2 Responses to Spiritual Growth

  1. A Friend in Christ says:

    I am a 55-yr-old Catholic parent (and grandparent) who happened to stumble on your post.

    Here are a few quick tips (and links) to help you progress in your spirituality:

    My early years of serious prayer were helped immensely by using the official prayer of the Catholic Church, called the Liturgy of the Hours. It provides a 4-week cycle of prayer sessions for different times during the day, most importantly Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer. To get started, you would need to acquire the short version of “Christian Prayer”:

    Your praying of the Rosary will be greatly enhanced by this easy-to-read book by Dr Ed Sri:

    To help you understand the Bible, you can start by getting the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament, and simply reading the notes that go with each section. They are extremely helpful:
    (you can buy a hardcover version from Ignatius Press, too — the paperback covers get beat up easily)

    To understand the Old Testament and God’s plan for salvation, there is no better resource than the Our Father’s Plan series that was done on EWTN by Scott Hahn & Jeff Cavins. You’ll find mp3’s of the 13 episodes at the EWTN audio library here:
    (you can buy the DVDs from Ignatius Press)

    To go a little deeper in learning how to pray the Bible, I suggest this book:

    A must for growing in spirituality is gaining a deeper understanding of the Mass (and also the Sacrament of Reconciliation/Penance). There are many books I could recommend, but the best place to start is reading the sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church that deals with these. Then move on from there.

    You’re undoubtedly aware of the tremendous amount of audio and video Catholic teaching available free on the internet. Supplement your reading with good audio/video teaching. Be careful, as there is a lot of mediocre or false stuff out there.

    One of my current favorites is Fr John Riccardo. Here’s a recent video of his to get you started:

    This audio serioes would also be enjoyable for you:



  2. devyaani says:

    Enjoyed reading the post and impressed by your honesty. Spirituality is about oneness, where all the barriers drop and every other being is a divine manifestation. I am a part of Sacred Association where we have people from walks and religions. http://www.sacredassociation.org


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