Social Justice Assembly

Yesterday, in the last block of the day, on a Friday, after four gruelling classes, the students gathered in the gym for a student led social justice assembly.  It was the first time we had ever had it and I was curious to see how it played out, especially the students reactions.  Would they be bored? Would they listen? Or worse would they talk and disrespect the student presenters?

Again, like the mass where we said the Rosary beforehand, the students were attentive, and respectful.  Even though there were a few glitches with sound, and you couldn’t always understand what the presenters were saying, the student body soaked up everything the social justice groups had to say.  It was pretty impressive 800 teenagers on a Friday afternoon, looking like they wanted to be there listening to these groups…and there were a lot of them!

I actually had no idea there were so many different groups within our school and how many charities we have helped so far this year (and it’s only been 2.5 months).  There was a Reverence For Life group, Environment club, Social Justice club, a group that raised money for Chalice, a Mission Team going to the Philippines to build houses over the Christmas break, Peers with Ears older students helping younger students, and the list of other organizations students have helped keeps on going.

It was such a great thing to see students excited and really wanting to make a difference in the world and that they weren’t afraid to share their enthusiasm with their fellow students in a giant assembly, on a Friday when everyone is dying to get out there.  I think that it really inspired even more students to get up, off their seats and join…and by the sounds of it a few teachers as well.

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