My Husband Rocks!

I’m a high school teacher and everyone I tell that to, tells me I’m brave.  Yes, I do have to put up with students laughing as I nearly get hit with a frisbee in PE class or the “chastity talks” in religion where the girls love to hit me with all sorts of awkward questions! But, that is nothing compared to what my husband does for a living.

For the second summer in a row I have been helping my husband with his contractor business, you know holding the tape measure, cleaning up sites, painting etc.  It is only July 5th and I want summer to be over. I honestly don’t know how he does it day after day after day.  The physical labour is one thing, but then he has to come home and do paper work and email clients.  Yet, I’m most impressed with the reasons why he works so hard, it’s not for wealth, or because he craves success, it’s because he wants me to be able to stay home with our future kids one day.

Despite all the crazy working hours he still, somehow, always finds time for me, even taking days off here and there (the perk of being your own boss!) for “us” time.  Every one should take the time to go and work with their spouse for a day, so that you can really appreciate how hard each other works!

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