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Seeing the Light and the Sacrament of Confession

We live in a morally relativist world, where right and wrong is debated, truth is subjective and the idea of “sin” is non-existent, and we wonder why the lineups for confession are non-existant. The dominant philosophy in our culture today, … Continue reading

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The Differing Views of Feminism

A Facebook friend has been posting a lot of feminist and pro-choice propaganda lately, and I have had to bite my tongue, a couple of times, not to respond.  Mostly, so that I don’t make a snarky response.  For example … Continue reading

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The Middle of Nowhere

Just back from a wonderful week up at Manning Park with family and a camping trip to the Cariboo/Chilcotin region.  I forget sometimes how big BC is! We travelled north for hours, but we only got to the middle of … Continue reading

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A Big Thanks To 8 Kids and Business

I have been slowly getting used to this blogging world and am still navigating all the ins and outs of blogging, but yesterday a fellow Canadian nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award. How exciting and thanks Terry! I have … Continue reading

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