We Need A Law

A few weeks ago an MP put a private members bill forward (M-312) that intended to re-evaluate Canada’s 400 year old definition of “human”. It was unfortunately not passed.

Why are Canadians, and especially politicians, so afraid to open up this debate?  Is it because they think that it will cost them votes? Do they think that Canadians are happy with the status quo?  If they looked closely at the numbers, they would see that they could win votes, not lose them.

Science and technology have come a long ways in 400 years.  Science tells us that the fetus is indeed a human being with it’s own unique DNA from the moment of conception.  It is not a blob of tissue and it is not a chicken, it is a human.  So why are we all of a sudden ignoring science and technology? Why can’t we re-evaluate our 400 year old definition of a human? Why can’t we progress? This is a human rights issue and Canadians are supposed to be championing human rights.

The fact is abortions are being used for reasons that are appalling too many Canadians such as, gender-selected abortions and  when people abort one of their twins .  More and more of these stories are getting the attention of the national media and Canadians are starting to wake up.

The majority of Canadians are against gender-selection abortions, a recent poll said that 92% are in favour of making it illegal.   I think a politician would gain votes, if he promised to make it illegal in Canada, to abort based on the the fetus being the wrong gender.  “Stop Killing Girls” –since it is mostly girls being aborted– could be his slogan and any opponent that disagreed with that, would look pretty bad in my opinion. Another recent poll said that 60% of Canadians think the life of the unborn should be protected at some point and when asked specifically when abortions should be illegal, 77% said in the last three months.  Clearly, Canadians are not supportive of the status quo.

If abortion is good and true then it should not be afraid of honest debate and honest dialogue. Let’s open up the debate in Canada.  We need a law

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