Year of Faith

Pope Benedict XVI has declared this year as the “Year of Faith” and it will commence this Thursday (Oct. 11th).  My own archdiocese has been doing a lot to promote this within our parishes and schools and I think it’s awesome.  One of the big things they have planned is to air different Catholics Come Home commercials on major networks over the Christmas holidays.

I also received a number of emails from other Catholic teachers, and have seen a number of bloggers talk about reading the Catechism in a year.  I think it is so important, for Catholics to be educated in their faith, and what better way to spend the year of faith, then taking the time to learn what it is you actually believe in.  You can sign up for daily e-mails here and every day you will be sent a section of the Catechism.  By the end of the “Year of Faith” you will have read the entire book!

But my Archbishop has reminded us, that the most important thing we can do is pray. He has encouraged us to pray for those closest to us, family and friends, who are not practicing.  In my archdiocese alone there is an estimated 200,000 lapsed Catholics! If everyone prayed for one person, to return to their faith, great things can be accomplished.

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