God’s My Crutch

The majority of people, I know who have fallen away from the Church, say that they don’t need God, they don’t need a crutch to get through life,  they can be good without him etc, etc. Interesting thing is these same people don’t have this same mindset when it comes to their spouse or significant other.  They love having someone to converse with, someone who makes them feel special, someone who supports them and loves them unconditionally.  Many of them will say that their significant other is their rock, their support network, and the single ones will swoon and sigh with jealousy. Or even better, “He/she makes me a better person.” Now, what I don’t get, is why it’s totally cool, and okay, to want and seek a relationship like the one above, but somehow pathetic and lame to have the same relationship with God?

So much of our time is spent looking for someone to spend the rest of our lives with. We spend countless hours, days and even years learning all about them and nurturing that relationship. But, when it comes to God, we expect that relationship to be instant, and no work at all.  When that doesn’t happen we give up on God and say that we gave it our best effort, it didn’t work, or God doesn’t exist and content ourselves to go through life alone.  How tragic!

If you knew there was someone out there, who loves you unconditionally, who wants to be  a part of your life, who wants to help you succeed and to be the best person you could be, but doesn’t force himself on you, like that creepy co-worker, then why wouldn’t you pursue it? Why wouldn’t you give him a second glance? Yet, we continue to shy away from that kind of love, content to settle for a human alternative, and then are shocked to find out that that person is not perfect!

So while pursuing the love of a person is a noble and good thing, we should also view the pursuit of God as a noble and good thing too.  One that takes work on our part, just like any other human relationship does.  It is a  friendship that needs to be nourished and grown over time.  God will always fulfill his end of the bargain and then some, it is up to us to do the rest.

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