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The Beauty of Tea

I can get so wrapped up in my own little world, that I don’t take the time to visit with family and friends.  I was never, made more aware of it, then this holiday season, when my 96 year-old grandma said … Continue reading

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A Large or Small Church?

Throughout the history of the Catholic Church we have seen inclines and declines in the number of Catholics and it brings to mind the thought of what is better: A small church filled with devout members or a large church … Continue reading

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Keeping Catholic Schools Catholic

I’m now into my third year teaching at a Catholic high school and I honestly can’t believe how blessed I am to be working in a place where I get paid to talk about God, where I can live my … Continue reading

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Guest Post

A guest post from my dad…he’ll be retiring soon and after spending so much time as a teacher and coach, blogging would be the perfect thing to keep him busy!  Let him know what you think by posting tips of … Continue reading

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Because “All By Yourself” Sounds So Appealing…

The other day in class with my grade nines, we read an article together that outlined the top nine reasons to go to Mass.  One of the reasons, that we discussed in length, was “community”.  Many Catholics today, and I’m … Continue reading

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