Guest Post

A guest post from my dad…he’ll be retiring soon and after spending so much time as a teacher and coach, blogging would be the perfect thing to keep him busy!  Let him know what you think by posting tips of encouragement in the comment section if you agree!

Giant dandelion! Science Doesn’t Have All the Answers

A cause of the very to-be of a contingent universe must be sought and this cannot be anything in the universe nor can it be the universe considered as a totality.  It must be a reality whose very essence is to-be and hence whose perfection of existence is unlimited.   Though the sciences might be able to explain the chemical composition of pages and ink, they will never be able to reveal the meaning of a book; and though they might make sense of the biology of the human body, they will never tell us why a human act is moral or immoral; and though they might disclose the cellular structure of oil and canvas they will never determine why a painting is beautiful.  And this is not because science is for the moment insufficiently developed but because empiricism cannot even in principle explore such matters which belong to a qualitatively different category of being than the proper subject matter of the sciences.  The claim that science could ever provide a total understanding of reality as a whole overlooks the rather glaring fact that meaning, truth, beauty, morality, purpose,, etc. are all ingredients in the universe.

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2 Responses to Guest Post

  1. You claim that meaning, beauty, morality, purpose, etc. are more than just feelings people have and concepts people invented to describe these feelings. There’s just one thing missing: Evidence. Simply claiming that there must be more to them doesn’t make it true.


  2. Jim says:

    I would say they are self-evident like the question “Do I exist?” If you’re not sure test the evidence by standing in front of a moving train.


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