The Beauty of Tea

I can get so wrapped up in my own little world, that I don’t take the time to visit with65137_930073808633_605956928_n family and friends.  I was never, made more aware of it, then this holiday season, when my 96 year-old grandma said see you at Easter.  I felt just like those people who the priest thanks for coming and then says, see you at Easter.  This also made me feel a little more charitiable towards those people, especially when I had to stand the entire time for Christmas Mass.  It’s not that they don’t want to come to Mass every Sunday, just like it’s not that I don’t want to see my grandma more often, it’s just that I run out of time.

Obviously, we all lead busy lives, and technology, while promising to make our lives easier and less complicated, is only making it worse.  We have become to busy for God, to busy for friends, and too busy for family.  Yet, why is it so hard to make an effort when really spending time with God, family and friends is so enjoyable and rewarding?

541686_930074172903_957812280_nFor instance, I went to the cutest little tea house today, and had high tea with some of my girlfriends, who I have known since high school.  One of which had been away at med school, who is also the glue that keeps our group together.  We had such a great time talking, that my other friend and I, wondered why we didn’t do this more often.  After all, we only live five minutes away from each other and how sad it is that we only see each other when our other other friend is back in town.  This is something that we firmly resolved to change, over tea and tiny sandwiches.

It was such an enjoyable afternoon, that I want to spend my last week of holidays drinking as much tea as I can before going back to school.  My favourite show of late has been Downton Abbey, and the women are always visiting and drinking tea.  I often thought how fun that would be and wishing I had the time.  But, you cannot wish for more hours in your day, you have only twenty-four, use them wisely.  Just tell yourself to leave the laundry undone, stop marking essays, and instead, spend an afternoon drinking tea.

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One Response to The Beauty of Tea

  1. *Sigh* I love high tea. It’s such a civilized, delicious way to spend an afternoon.


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