Mom’s Can’t Be Stylish…or Can They?

Evelyn and Me

One of the most startling realizations I have had, since becoming a mom,  is how hard it is to look put together.  I mean, having a shower or doing my hair never took a colossal amount of planning before. I am so very thankful that the ponytail is in vogue right now. And while many of my friends, who are moms,  have opted to live in their lululemons forever —granted I’m from Vancouver where yoga pants can be worn 24/7—  I’ve been really trying to put in an effort to make myself look better all the time at least in public. But it’s no small task.

My inspiration, has been seeing the moms of several little ones at church.  To me they truly reflect the beauty of motherhood.  Not just by their outward appearance (that helps), but they genuinely seem happy, barely tired and their families look like they’re fun to be a part of. Everyone is familiar with the cliche “if you look good then you feel good” and it’s true.  I think these moms who look so rested are proof of that cliche.  I know the odd time when I have felt put together, I was amazed at my increased energy levels. I tackled way more chores, and felt like I had more fun with my family than I normally do.  Although I consider myself a romantic at heart I am not naive enough to think that just because these women “look” put together doesn’t mean that their lives always reflect that.  The point is I really appreciate their effort to make motherhood look good.

The secular world hasn’t always made motherhood look so appealing (although times seem to be changing —or maybe I’m at that age where everyone on my Facebook is having babies so it just “appears” like the times are changing).  Motherhood is hard, but it’s the most amazing and awesome thing in the world. We need to reflect that image of awesomeness more to our secular culture, so that we inspire women who may be on the fence about motherhood.  To demonstrate that moms can still be stylish, fit and strong women, instead of women wearing last weeks soiled laundry and looking like extras from the latest zombie apocalypse movie.

I know it won’t be easy, but I am going to try and spice up my ponytail this Sunday and try really, really hard to get to Mass on time.  If the moms of 4-6 little kids can do it than surely I, with one three month old baby can. If I have to channel my inner competitiveness to succeed then so be it.

***Also if anyone has any tips for being more organized with kids, so that I can give my self that time to get ready, I am all ears!***


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4 Responses to Mom’s Can’t Be Stylish…or Can They?

  1. I do think there is huge truth in the “look good, feel good” mentality. Just today I spent some extra time pulling myself together because I was feeling weary and needed a lift. I do think I perform better at home and at work and have more energy when I FEEL good about myself. But trust me, the women who look like they have it all together at church don’t have it together all the time. It’s good to admire their attitude and organization, and it’s good to look up to other people and try to emulate certain qualities, but if you idolize them and don’t recognize that your view is NOT reality in its entirety, you’ll find that the pursuit of perfection is crazy-making and it can affect your own perception of your worth as a mother. Unfortunately I speak from experience – I was not one of those women who entered motherhood with grace (though anyone on the outside would have thought entirely differently). Embrace the imperfections, and if you find periods are tough, know it’s normal! I wrote more about my first year of motherhood here:

    Good post! I love your reflection and trying to find out how to be your best on this journey!


    • Hi Kristina thanks for the comment and you’re so right, just because they look put together on the outside doesn’t mean that its like that in reality! For all we know things could be way way worse for them at home then their outward appearance lets on. Also fretting too much about ones appearance and constantly comparing yourself to others will have the opposite effect of “feeling good”. All in moderation 🙂


  2. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned with 8 kids is how to fake it till you make it. If you act like you have yourself together, eventually you will learn strategies that will actually make it a reality for most of the time. Don’t underestimate the power of looking good in order to feel good. A lititle bit of tinted moisturizer, concealer, lip gloss and mascara takes under 5 minutes to apply but can make you feel polished. Toronto women are also notorious for lululemons, but there are more attractive ways to dress, even with young children in tow. The most important point, however, is to learn not to compare yourself with other moms. Be patient and gentle with yourself and eventually you will figure out what works for you.


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