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The Ordinary Way

I am always astonished when I come across something beautiful or exciting in Catholicism, not because I’m surprised to find something more than a list of rules, but rather how is this not more widely known? Why are these beautiful teachings and … Continue reading

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The Four Voices of God

  If we have different love languages, and if there are different types of learning styles, then it makes sense that we hear and experience God in different ways too.  I have been trying for several months to get through … Continue reading

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Spiritual Readings For Teens

In September I’ll be teaching Religion 11 for the first time and its focus is Church History.  After going over the curriculum, I found that it’s an overwhelming amount of content that needs to be covered by the end of … Continue reading

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Spiritual Growth

I have been doing a lot of reading on Spirituality as of late, which I have never really done a lot of.  I realized that I have the “religion” aspect of Catholicism down, but I have really lacked the “spiritual” … Continue reading

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The Spirit is a Movin

Today, I have three reasons why I feel more positive about my vocation as a Catholic high school teacher and coach.  For starters we have a new Catholicity group of teachers (okay we are only 5, but last year there … Continue reading

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It’s okay if we’re not Mother Theresa

Last Sunday’s sermon focused on the call to holiness and what keeps us from striving for that holiness. Yet, I felt that the sermon fell short and while it was trying to motivate us to be holy, I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Why do we “have to” go to mass?

It always comes up in class, and in our own families and I always struggle with how to deal with the question.  Even though I teach in a Catholic school, it is common for many of the students to not … Continue reading

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