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History: The Definition of “Person” according to the Law

Today, I had the privilege to escort 45 young people from our high school to a pro-life rally for all the Catholic high schools in Vancouver.  We got to hear a tremendous speaker, who spoke passionately for the rights of … Continue reading

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We Need A Law

A few weeks ago an MP put a private members bill forward (M-312) that intended to re-evaluate Canada’s 400 year old definition of “human”. It was unfortunately not passed. Why are Canadians, and especially politicians, so afraid to open up … Continue reading

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Are You Really Catholic?

Do Catholics even know what it even means to be Catholic anymore? Do we even know what we believe in, or is it all just a personal opinion?  I say this because after watching several days worth of the Democratic … Continue reading

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The Differing Views of Feminism

A Facebook friend has been posting a lot of feminist and pro-choice propaganda lately, and I have had to bite my tongue, a couple of times, not to respond.  Mostly, so that I don’t make a snarky response.  For example … Continue reading

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Social Justice Assembly

Yesterday, in the last block of the day, on a Friday, after four gruelling classes, the students gathered in the gym for a student led social justice assembly.  It was the first time we had ever had it and I … Continue reading

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It’s a Human Rights Issue, Not a Religious Issue

During this past year my social studies class practiced “active citizenship” and wrote letters to their representative in government.  While they didn’t actually send them, although I told a number of students that they should consider it, it was still … Continue reading

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ProLife and Silent No More

I have always been prolife, but other than participating in my parish’s annual prolife chain I have done little else to help the cause of the unborn.  But, after this year of teaching in a Catholic high school and having … Continue reading

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